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Thread: AR 5/27 and 5/28 report

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    Default AR 5/27 and 5/28 report

    5/27 - gristmill; a few fish seen caught; but then again that could have been random chance with 15+ anglers from both sides, mostly spinning gear.

    Watt and Goethe; slow - meaning nothing. 3 anglers trying below bike bridge.

    5/29 - evening at Paradise; 4 anglers, several fish to hand in the slower deeper water below the log hole; slow - but better than the nothing it has been. Good caddis hatch at dusk; some sizable fish (trout?)snapping at the real deal, but not flies on hooks.

    warmer water the past few days. ~62 or so.

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    The trick at Goethe is to go up on the bridge and look down.... if you see shad go fish em... if you don't see any fish don't bother....

    Could've been shad rising to caddis at paradise.
    "Did you catch anything".........."No, did you"........

    "Hey man, mind if I fish here?"....."Yes"...."Thanks man!"

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    yes, among many other places I checked, I did look down at Goethe, and there were no fish; there were 4 fishermen getting exercise (3 below, and 1 above, the bridge).

    True, it could have been shad at paradise, but the one fish I was able to ID in the air was a trout.


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