It was crowded and slow last night. 15 anglers in a small stretch and 4 drift boats. Only a few were actually catching. Scott V., Robin and I each got one apiece. Paul got several and Bryan Morgan got skunked. Bruce went out with Andy on his boat and couldn't get down deep enough. I heard the Andy only got one and he moved around in his boat a lot. An older gentleman (that I have seen shad fishing for years) got 8 fishing way down near the tailout. Shad fishing is a real social thing. You get to see a lot of people you haven't seen since last summer and you meet new ones. I met a guy named Jay would has fished the shad run on the American for almost 40 years. He lives in Huntington Beach. He said that with the high price of gas he is making fewer trips up here but staying longer. I'm taking a break from shad tomorrow and going for a overnight trip snowboarding and fishing for brookies. Jeff C.