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  1. FS Lead/ Steel Pyramid Anchor for Drift Boat or Inflatable

    For Sale:
    Lead pyramind anchor encased in steel.
    25 lbs.
    good condition.

    For pictures visit Sacramento Craigslist and search "drift boat."

    Price: $59.00

    Contact Information:
  2. Tim, It is yours. Just give me a call and we...

    It is yours.
    Just give me a call and we can work out the details.
  3. Rio In Touch Striper Saltwater 350 Grains Fly Line

    The sink rate for the Rio Striper fly line is 8.2 IPS

  4. Rio In Touch Striper Saltwater 350 Grains Fly Line

    For Sale:
    Rio Striper 8 or 9 wt fly line.
    350 Grains
    30 ft sink tip
    black and blue color
    minimal use
    original box and spool
    retail price: $99

    used price: $40
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    Sage Fly Rod Case (Spey Rod)

    For Sale:
    Sage Fly Rod Case for (spey rod
    49 inches long will accomodate a 14 ft spey rod in four sections
    Used very little
    Excellent condition
    Price: $59.00

    See pictures on Craigslist...
  6. Trout Fly Bonanza with Scientific Anglers Fly Box

    Scientific Anglers fly box (CF Design) 12 rows, dimensions: 8 x 4.5 x 2 inches (retail value $42.00)
    Approximately 100 dry flies; sizes 14---18
    Included: ants, beetles, hoppers, caddis,...
  7. Orvis Helios 3D--8 WT. (908-4) Fast Action Fly Rod

    For Sale:
    Orvis Helios 3D 908-4
    Fast action fly rod for throwing big Clousers or streamers.
    Two years of limited usage.
    Rod sock and tube included.
    No defects that I can see, save a small...
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    Clouser Minnow Flies & Fly Box

    For Sale:

    Thirty five (35) Clouser minnows. Most are new a few used lightly.
    Average cost per fly $5
    Various colors
    Various sizes
    Kiens's fly box $27.00
    Retail= $190.00 + CA sales tax
  9. Klamath River Dam Removal Update (Good News)

    The Sacramento Bee reported Friday, July 31st that California Governor Gavin Newsom has written a letter to Warren Buffet urging Buffet and PacifiCorp to support the new parameters set out by FERC...
  10. Klamath River Dam Removal Update---Good News---Bad News

    The FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) approved a partial transfer of four PacifiCorp Klamath River dam licenses to the KRRC (Klamath River Renewal Corporation) for the purpose of removing...
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    Klamath River Dam Removal News

    The KRRC (Klamath River Renewal Corporation) is extremely pleased that KRRC and PacifiCorp are items for
    consideration/action on the July 16, 2020 FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) agenda....
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    Klamath River Dam Removal Status

    The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has announced its July 16th meeting agenda. Klamath River Renewal Corporation and PacifiCorp are items H-1 and H-2 on the agenda. The meeting will start at...
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    Klamath Dam Removal Update

    On Monday, June 1st I spoke with a representative of the KRRC (Klamath River Restoration Corporation).
    First, the KRRC is very appreciative of the many letters that FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory...
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    Klamath Dam Removal

    Last week I spoke with Dave Muerer of the Klamath River Restoration Corporation. (KRRC) He is very optimistic
    that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) will transfer the PacifiCorp dam...
  15. Minn Kota Terrova Plus Lowrance Elite 5 TI

    For Sale:
    Minn KoIta Terrorva Trolling Motor Plus Lowrance Elite 5 TI Fishfinder
    The Lowrance connects directly to the Terrova.
    Minn Kota Features:
    12 volt system
    55 lbs of thrust
    54 inch shaft...
  16. Minn Kota Terrova Pluss Lowrance Elite 5 TI

    For Sale:
    Minn KoIta Terrorva Trolling Motor Plus Lowrance Elite 5 TI Fishfinder
    The Lowrance connects directly to the Terrova.
    Minn Kota Features:
    12 volt system
    55 lbs of thrust
    54 inch shaft...
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    SAGE X 9WT. 990-4 Fly Rod

    For Sale: Sage X 990-4 9'#9 line in 4 pc

    KonneticHD Technology
    Black Spruce blank color
    Dark Green wraps with Metallic Grey trim wraps
    Fuji ceramic stripper guides
    Hard chromed snake guides...
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    Korkers Wading Boots Size 12

    For Sale:
    Korkers Wading Boots
    Men's Size 12
    Felt Soles
    Interchangeable soles
    Maybe 4 years old?
    Good condition
    Price: $45
    For pictures go to Sacramento Craigslist: search Korkers Wading...
  19. Lowe 1448 Jon Boat with 2019 Yamaha Jet Outboard

    For Sale:

    Lowe 1448 Jon boat (1995) with a Yamaha 40/30 Jet (2019)
    Approximately 30 hours on motor
    Motor installed by Sutter Marine
    Motor still under factory warranty and transferable
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    RIO VERSILEADERS Plus Wallet--$35

    For Sale:
    Five (50 Rio Versileaders and Rio Wallet

    l. 10 ft. 24 lb. 2.6 IPS
    2. 10 ft. 24 lb. 3.9 IPS
    3. 12 ft. 12 lb. 5.6 IPS
    4. 15 ft. 24 lb. 5.6 IPS
    5. 7 ft. 12 lb. 7.0...
  21. Rio BASS WF8F Fly Line (Yellow) 90 Ft.

    For Sale:

    Rio BASS fly line WF8F (floating) (yellow) 90 ft.
    For 7 or 8 wt. rods
    not used much
    has original box
    no loop on but end (nail knot necessary)

    Price: $20.00
  22. Abel Big Game #3 AR (anti-reverse) fly reel & extra spool

    For Sale:

    Abel Big Game #3 AR (Anti-Reverse) fly reel and extra spool
    Recommend for#8,9,10 wt. lines
    Reel and spare spool both have braided 30 lb. backing (yellow/green)
    Both reel and spool...
  23. Yeti ypd 100 submerisble panga duffel

    For Sale:
    Yeti YPD 100 Panga Submersible Duffel
    Big, 32.5" x 17" x 12"
    Holds 100 liters
    Hydrolok Zipper makes it air tight and waterproof--submersible
    TPU shell and lamination for...
  24. 2016 Mercury Jet Outboard, 25 HP. (Reduced) $3,795.

    For Sale:
    2016 Mercury Jet Outboard 25 Hp. (30 hp. power head/ 25 hp. at the pump according Mercury
    Inquire about putting a tiller on this motor!
    Purchased new from Sutter Marin in Yuba City....
  25. Mercury Outboard Jet (FourStroke) 25 HP-- $4495

    For Sale:
    2016 Mercury Outboard Jet (FourStroke) 25 HP
    Purchased new from Sutter Marine in Yuba City in August of 2017.
    Original purchase price including CA sales tax $5501
    NADA Values: average...
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