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  1. Book FS: "Fly-Fishing for Bonefish" by Chico Fernandez

    This is one of the top books written on Bonefish

    Called the ghost of the flats, the silvery bonefish is the holy grail of flats fishing. Its speed in the water and chameleonlike color...
  2. Book FS: "Fly Fishing for Bonefish" by Dick Brown

    "Fly Fishing for Bonefish" by Dick Brown


    "Fly Fishing for Bonefish" was written by Dick Brown, with line drawings by Bob White, and published by Lyons &...
  3. Book FS: "The Bamboo Rod and How to Build it" by Claude Kreider

    These little paperback books must be something special

    Used they go for $30 to $50 - new were $15.95

    Mine is like new so $30.00 must be a good price.
  4. Book FS: "Distant Waters" by Val Atkinson

    This is big beautiful like new table top book on all the greatest fly fishing destinations.

    Distant Waters is a big, beautiful, full-color tour of the world's greatest places to cast a...
  5. Book FS: "Fly Fishing Odyssey" by Jon Caves

    Jon is a world class fly fisher, FL guide and fly fishing instructor.

    In his book he shares all his favorite destinations around the...
  6. Saltwater Fly Fishing Magic by Neal & Linda Rogers

    This is a beautiful large hardbound "Table Top" book with 200 excellent photos.

    Lefty Kreh and Stu Apte were contributors.

    New $45.00

    Excellent condition

    Now $10.00 (the don't seem to...
  7. Book FS: "Fly Fisherman's Complete Guide to Fishing with the Fly Rod".

    This hardbound book was put together by Fly Fisherman Magazine.

    They got a group of famous fly fisherman together who all did an article......14 chapters.

    They are Don Zahner, Joan & Lee...
  8. I will be visiting Kiene's Fly Shop tomorrow, Sunday at noon for several hours.

    This is the nicest time of the year for anything.......

    Hope to see some of you.
  9. Book FS: "Fly Fishing Strategy" by Doug Swisher and Carl Richards

    larger hardbound in very good condition

    "Originally published in 1975 and now available for the first time in paperback, Fly Fishing Strategy presents a classic system of practical fishing...
  10. Book FS - "In the Ring of the Rise" by Vincent C. Marinaro

    Real nice condition

    Large hardbound quality classic book

    More than fifty years ago, Vincent Marinaro's Modern Dry-Fly Code was hailed as "the best angling work of the last half century" and...
  11. Book FS - "Nymphs: A Complete Guide to Naturals and Their Imitations" by Schwiebert

    This is a book on trout that no serious fly-fisherman can afford to miss. With its 18 full-color plates and twice as many black-and-white drawings illustrating over 200 varieties of...
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    Where did this cool old guy live? That is an...

    Where did this cool old guy live?

    That is an older Pflueger 'Medalist' because it has 6 rivets around the center of the spool where later ones had 3 rivets.

    I fished, repaired and sold...
  13. Book FS "The Dry Fly - New Angles" by Gary LaFontaine

    I saw them online from $30 to $90 used today.

    It sold new for $39.95 some years back.

    The book is in perfect condition...
  14. Nobody ever gets into the fly fishing industry to make money.

    In fact I would guess that less than 10% make a good living.

    I only have met a few who actually did very well in this industry.

    Most of us are just "fish bums" because the main benefit is...
  15. Thanks Z......I bet number 1 is your dad or...

    Thanks Z......I bet number 1 is your dad or grandpa?

    I read magazine articles by Lefty and his partner, Mark Sosin, when I was a teenage, maybe 60 years ago.

    Later in life I actually had dinner...
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    Put up some cell phone pictures..... I am 75...

    Put up some cell phone pictures.....

    I am 75 and spent 50 years in the tackle business so I could probably I.D. some of it.
  17. Pyramid Lake opens November 2, 2020 -

    Posted by Rob Anderson on Dan Blanton's forum:


    Posted by Rob Anderson on 2020-10-22 22:47:30

    The Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe has finally released the date....
  18. Another life's work by Dennis Lee...... The...

    Another life's work by Dennis Lee......

    The book will be an important documentation of the in depth history of California's Winter Steelhead plus tons of great flies, photos and information.

  19. Lefty Kreh told me that Dorado are the most "suicidal" fish that swims.

    Take a look at this short video clip to see how insane and aggressive they can be.....

    I think you can imagine how effective a...
  20. Sorry it is SOLD

    Sorry it is SOLD
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    Great......inspiring John. I mainly fish...

    Great......inspiring John.

    I mainly fish a floating line for everything and top water flies for almost everything I fish for but you have to choose the time and place.

  22. 30 minutes. Good Mark.....I... 30 minutes.

    Good Mark.....I will get it over there.
  23. Abel Big Game Leader Stretcher for sale

    I think they were around $100 or more new.

    Plus 18 saltwater flies......leaders are probably too old.

    Now all for $49.00


  24. LED battery powered work light - Clamps on table/bench

    I bought this but never used in packaging.......$10.00


    Pick up in Davis, CA or KIene's Fly Shop or shipping at cost.
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    Some folks are buying Tough Sheds for the back...

    Some folks are buying Tough Sheds for the back yard to hide out in during the COVID-19.

    Some are actually doing this for their new Home Office.
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