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  1. Hello McFish! Yes, we should definitely get out on the water. Right now most of my time is spent on the Delta. It's been a little windy out there lately but I might still try and go out Thursday. I generally launch out of Paradise Point in Stockton or B&W depending on where I want to fish. I also gear fish mostly but there is always a few flyrods in the rod box when things are right for it. I'll give you a heads-up when I'm going to go. Thanks for reaching out.
    Mike Thompson
  2. Like you; I fish mostly warm water for bass, stripers, panfish. I'm always on the lookout for fellow ff. I'm retired,in Auburn. I like the delta, Clear Lake, valley reservoirs. I'm interested in sharing a day trip, social distancing of course. I usually fish out of my 12 pram Portabote. If interested, my email is; or cell 408-807-4340
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