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Bill Kiene semi-retired
04-09-2006, 12:35 PM
In our fly shop we are constantly outfitting people who are headed to fly fishing destinations that are either 'past the prime', meaning the fishing there is just not good anymore, or they are going at the wrong time of the year or month for the most consistent fishing.

We are troubled that there are many of fly fishing destinations that are not prime fisheries anymore because the ecosystems there have been over fished by the indigenous people making many places less than desirable. We can save you the trouble of accidentally going to a place that many have been to over the past 30 years but are no longer actually productive enough for our hosted trips or to recommend to our customers.

We have had Kiene's hosted trips for over 20 years with groups (6 to 12) of our customers with a member of our staff as the leader. We have been to many places plus we get feedback weekly in our fly shop and on the Internet about many destinations that people are going to now.

Another problem we see is our customers going to remote destinations at non-prime time which is due to lack of good advice or just not checking around first. Prime weeks are also planned by looking at the moon phase, tides and time of the season.

If you are trying to go to a top destination that is really popular and "returnable", meaning that many go back repeatedly, then you need to be booking these places a year out or even longer to get a prime week.

Let us know by coming in to the shop, phone us or email us if you are thinking of a trip and need some sound advice.

Keith Kaneko has his own travel office, 'Angeling On The Fly' in our fly shop here in Sacramento and is here on most Tues, Thurs and Sat to help you.

He will actually only book people into the places he represents already so if you want to go to a destination he doesn't book, he will recommend a fly fishing travel service that does specialize in that destination.

Going directly to the fly fishing lodges can actually be a big mistake at times because they can be full during the prime weeks in the prime months and could sell you into the 'shoulder season' or even off-season to keep the cash flow going.

Good fly fishing travel services will actually help you to get a good week and have information that will help you have a better trip. The good part is that it is all free. Most good fly fishing lodges only exist because good fly fishing travel services send them customers who are well prepared.

Having the "right stuff" with you is important as well. That is what we strive to be able to do for our customers.

Keith Kaneko


Cell: 916 539 3474 (24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year)

04-09-2006, 05:12 PM
Very good post Bill!