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10-24-2005, 04:24 PM
I'm selling my Creek Company ODC 1220 right now. The Boat has been fished probabley about 25 times or so in the past year. It is in great shape. It retails at $1,000 out of Cabelas. Of course, they give you the bare minimum. Pretty much the only thing it came with was the oars! I have put around $700 of upgrades into it. Here is a list of all the stuff I have done to customize this boat. I promise you, you will not find anyone with a boat exactly like this one... I have put many hours of work into it making it the ultimate fly fishing machine for the money!

12 and 30lb anchor/ ropes... $150
Ice Chest (already mounted)... $20
Seat Saddle Bags (2)... $60
Outcast pontoon pockets (cargo and splash proof XL)... $60
Extra Standing Platform... $70
13 and 8 inch seat lifters... $30
Large Oar Sleeves (2)... $20
Extra Storage Box... No Cost... just a nice thing to have.
2 Extra stock Creek Company pockets... $40
2 Scotty Fly rod holders... already bolted... $60
Seat Caddy (2)... $20
Electric Pump... $20
All the easy to use snap swivels (not sturdy) have been replaced w/ stainless steel and lock tight nuts and bolts to make the boat extra sturdy... $10
Boat Net... $60
Rods in picture aren't included.

I'm selling the boat for $1,000... no more and no less. Keep in mind, it would go for around $1,700 new. And that's not including the tax and shipping.


29 more pictures can be found at http://photobucket.com/albums/c223/Rwilliams27/

This thing is perfect for the Lower Sac, Feather, American, and Yuba. And if you want to get ballsey, take it down the Trinity! It can kick up some serious speed in lakes or ponds as well. If you choose to buy it, but you don't know how to row, and your willing to pay some gas and shuttle money, I will take you down either the Sac, Feather, or American and teach you the basics for drifting rivers and we might even get into a fish or two! If anyone has any questions on it... don't bother emailing me. Please just give me a call on my Cell... It's (707) 365-9891.