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04-24-2005, 10:59 PM
Updated 4/26
I didn't get any replies or emails, so I put them on ebay, if anyone is still interested, here are the links.



Cabelas Prestige 9'0 5wt. Powell Advantage Series 9'0 8wt. (Fished once)
I'm selling the eight weight and the five weight for $150, that's not 150$ each, but $150 for both.

I'm also selling a Scott svs 9'0 8wt. I'm selling this for $100 as well.

Anyone who might be interested, just contact Ryan Williams...
Cell... 707-365-9891
Home... 707-447-2027
Email... Gidderdun27@yahoo.com

Extra Info about the rods...
The Powell is brand new, I have only fished it once, so if someone buys it, they can still be the first to land a fish on the rod!

The cabelas has been... slightly used... used... ummm misused... ok, I'm going to be honest, this was my first rod... lots of big trout... I fished it hard, and have yet to break it. It is pretty beat up, but not to the point where the rod's performance is effected at all.

The Scott has been used quite a bit, but it is in great shape and I have had alot of awesome memories of big salmon and steelhead with that rod. It does have a lifetime warentee for the origional owner, but if anything happens to the rod, you could send it back to me, and I could get a new rod or piece.

All these rods are two piece and they each have a good case.

Here's a some links to see the rods.

Cabelas Prestige

Powell Advantage Series

Scott svs