View Full Version : rods and reels for sale,

steve sullivan
03-07-2005, 12:53 PM
STH im 3 cassette, is a 8-10 weight reel, $40 (retails for $70), strong drag that is suitable for steelhead and salmon (I had a IM 2 for steelhead which would absolutely not stand up to the occasional salmon caught) Includes backing and a wf line ($40 value)

Adg titan 7/8 weight (http://www.adgfish.com/Fly-Rods-Titanium_Titan.htm) rod
WITH adg rod case ($30). Its retail price is $900 plus $30 for the rod case, right now it is on sale for $600 plus $30 for the rod case. The used price is typically half the retail price which would be $450, but I modifed the tip section so it is a couple of inches shorter, I think it fishes just fine, but if you want a new section adg will charge you $59, so I will reduce the price from $465 to $400. Will also include a broken tip that you can send to adg and still have the current working tip as a backup.

Matching adg machined reel, retails for $230 on special for right now for $200. $100 for reel plus $40 for backing and line, so I will sell for $120

Prefer someone to pick up or try out in chico california, or can bring them to the feather river to let you try out on the stream first. Otherwise you prepya including actual shipping