View Full Version : adg machined 6/7/8 reel $125 plus shipping

steve sullivan
01-19-2005, 02:51 PM
Retails for $259, currently on sale at web site for $200, (made in the USA!), includes approximately 100 yards backing, and a wf floating line (dont know what line, probably a cortland 333) from web site (www.adgfish.com):

The all new ADG® Colorado U.S.A.™ machined fly reel features a smooth touch, dependable metal disc drag system, attractive extra-light weight, classic style and design, and an unique elegant appearance and color. The ADG® Colorado U.S.A.™ reel is specially-hardened, anodized, titanium with a deep rich gun smoke blue that is matched by any of ADG® fly rod series Titanium reel seats. ADG® reels have a hardwood grain stained handle, extra fish-fighting control with its exposed rim, and a counterbalanced spool.
This machined metal reel has a soft click on retrieve and a slightly louder click when line is pulled out. The fully adjustable drag system is smooth and firm. Field tested in the Labrador wilderness, any angler will be proud to own this reel which exudes quality in both appearance and performance, all at a very affordable price.