View Full Version : Redington Strike Euro Nymph Rod - 10' 3 weight

03-18-2023, 08:28 PM
In Mint condition. Cork is clean and rod shows little to no sign of being used.

Great starter Euro Rod. Throw any reel on it with a mono rig and you're ready to go.

$120 local pickup in Sacramento.


Bill Kiene semi-retired
03-19-2023, 06:47 AM
This would be an exciting fly rod to own.

Back in the 1970s Joe Fisher made some 10' #4 line two-piece graphite soft, light fly rods but we were not ready for them then.

Some veterans like Bob Giannoni and Hal Janssen saw the magic in those soft, slower action Fisher blanks,

Back then, the Fisher rod company made fly rods and fly rod blanks for "everyone".

They made blanks for Winston and Scott when they were still in the Bay area.

Fisher also made lots of affordable fly rods for the fly shops.

I think they made blanks and rods for Cortland and Scientific Angler.

Art Rathbun, of the Great Generation, bought one from us and used it for Half-pounders above Watt Ave bridge with a floating line.