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01-05-2010, 11:11 PM
I have challenged myself to just go out with an assortment of shorty sizes and hook dressings. I am very happy with my results so far. I was worried that I would only catch blues, and that has not been the case. I've also been putting smelly jelly on the buck tail. Don't know if it's working, but I did catch a striper in the dark last night. That's another thing that I was wondering. Would they catch at night. If I only use this lure, I am challenged to try and make it work. So my question is, are there any guys out there they are really good with tins or just use them a lot, that can talk about keeping a tin where they want it in the water column how they fish em in blitz conditions to get the type of fish you want etc. Basically I'm looking for sharpie advice on how to use them in various conditions. Feel free to write about anything and everything involving fishing with tins that comes to mind. One thing I'm wondering, is what to do when there is a real fast sweep. Do you use a standard retrieve, or maybe jig and flutter it down. Please teach me to get better at this practice. Thanks guys. I know I'm asking a very broad question. But that's my point. You get to add specific situations and what you do.