View Full Version : American River Report + Question

06-12-2008, 10:20 PM
Fished Sunrise area this evening. A few of the fisherman on the bank caught some but most got skunked. The fisherman in the boats did a little better, but not much. Of course most bites occurred after the sun hit the horizon. Not too many fish have moved up yet. Hopefully with the flows at ~ 4,000+
more will come up.

Where are the Pink House Hole and the Rusty Pole Hole on the American. I have every map I am aware of: “Feather River/American River” map by Fish’in Map Co., Streamtime American River map, American River County Map and two hand written maps from Fly Fishing Classes. None of them point out either hole. I probably know the hole, I just don’t know it is named Pink House Hole or Rusty Pole Hole. But anyway, I was wondering if anyone knew where they were.