View Full Version : RD 48 Report 6/1/08

Anne Vitale
06-01-2008, 10:31 AM
Got up to Rd 48 for the second time this year on Thursday, Friday and Sat morning. The weather was perfect (NO WIND this time), temp in the mid 80s and only a handful of folks camping or spending the day. Fish were caught all day, mostly by the gear guys...way out there and way down on the bottom. My friend Dorothy Zinky and I were using our spey rods and got enough to keep us happy. We met a group of retired gentlemen from Reno who shared our camp area. They certainly knew how to catch shad and charm a couple of old ladies. :D

Friday was another story. Same weather, same bite in the morning and early afternoon but then the folks started to come in one after the other and crowded Dorothy and I out. Not purposely, but I can only take so many line tangle-ups in a row before I move away. Here is a shot of what it eventually came to look like. The scene is looking up river from just down stream of the boat ramp.

So...we quit early. Had a nice early camp dinner and went to bed. The next morning was a bust. I caught a nice hen on my third cast at 5:30 am and nothing after that. I don't normally bother taking photos of my fish but I'm giving a shad talk at my clubs next meeting so I took a shot of it.


By 7:00 AM it was quite clear that the shad had moved on up stream and it was time to go home. All in all a good trip........Anne

Rick J
06-01-2008, 02:43 PM
Hi Ann,
Say hi to Dorothy for me. She went on one of my first ovenight guide trips when Brett Jensen and I were guiding together on the Klamath alot of years ago!! She has always been one of my favorite people

best regards,