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07-26-2007, 09:13 AM
Went out scouting again last night in the SB area. Parked at the middle lot and walked down the river to the lower parking lot, right about sundown. Two anglers, one on a fly rod casting a shad dart, and one fishing a jig. Watched for an hour or so until there was almost no light except moonlight.

0 hookups, but about 30 yards upstream, I watched what appeard to be a school of shad (striper maybe??) tear up an area of topwater. It was fun to watch; 2-3 fish at a time coming up within a couple feet of each other, some getting almost airborn as if somebody was shocking the water. Very cool to watch in the moonlight coming off the water.

There was something all in the air, bigger than a mosquito (lots of those too) but smaller than a normal moth with broad wings. I am far from a bug expert, so I dont even know how to really describe them. I need to remember to always bring my camera with me; might help me ask not-so-stupid questions or give very vague recounts.

Anyway, just wanted to share. Keeps my mind "focused" at work ;)

Guess I am heading to the shop after work to pick up some new flies.

07-26-2007, 11:14 AM
Moth-like with broad wings--sounds like caddisflies.

07-27-2007, 11:11 AM
So last night I went back, and decided to make my virgin cast into the American. I waded all around SB and out to the island and casted into the hole out there. 10 casts later I snagged and lost my couser so I switched over to my floating setup. Waded back, walked down to the second lot and waded back upstream from there where I saw the fish jumping the other night. About 15 casts later, I snagged a weed onshore with a badly timed back-cast. Went and retreived my caddis and dropped it in the water as I waded back out to my spot. I heard a splash behind me and looked over to see caddis was gone and my line twitching....

Bottom line - 1 5" shad, caught by accident. Guess that is better than getting skunked.

There was nobody...except one drunk guy fishing the bank with a huge surf rod, sinking worms or something....yelling out to me about him needing to try his fly stuff sometime....and what? I did not bring anything to drink out with me...what a shame..or something like that.

Anyway, beautiful sunset and almost a full moon over the water. Could not get much more beautiful....