View Full Version : Best wild Silver Salmon(Coho) fly fishing in Alaska

Bill Kiene semi-retired
01-14-2007, 01:21 PM

We have been taking groups to the Tsiu River out of Cordova, Alaska for about 20 years now.

This is a small river right on the remote Pacific coast that is shallow and clear with a sand bottom so the fishing is similar to wading Bonefish flats.

90% of the time we use floating lines because it is very shallow and clear with no snags or rocks.

The AK fish & wildlife considers this river to be their top choice for the most fresh wild Silver Salmon in a small intimate setting.

'Alaska Wilderness Outfitters' in Cordova does a wonderful job on the Tsiu River. After going there many river to their portable tent camp they have built an all new two story lodge right on the beach.

There are 5 two story deluxe cabins with 3 bedrooms upstairs and a living room and modern bathroom downstairs.

If you want to see how migratory fisheries use to be in the lower 48 about 100 years ago, you need to go to the Tsiu river. As the tide moves in you can watch the Silver enter the river.

This is very easy fishing so you can bring anyone on this trip.

It is one of the all time best values in a full service remote lodge trip to Alaska.

September 5, 2007 - $3295 plus airfare.



Many of our staff have been to the Tsiu River. Come in and talk with Andy, Joe, Bill, Keith or Chuck about this wonderful trip.