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  1. Me on "You Tube"...........
  2. Baby Tarpon in the Yucatan
  3. Large Fly Rod Selection
  4. Selecting A Fly Rod - Types & Sizes
  5. Tarpon Jumps Aboard - anglingonthefly.com
  6. Catfish
  7. 7 Minutes of Mayhem-Yucatan Baby Tarpon-Angling On The Fly
  8. Jeff Putnam up north..............
  9. Isla del Sabalo - A New Frontier in Yucatan Tarpon
  10. OLd Tarpon movie put on DVD
  11. New video fly fishing world tour - 'Drift'
  12. New video - 'Metal Head' by AEG Media
  13. Thanks to the Drake magazine..........
  14. Video clip link sent to me by Ryan Miller
  15. Online magazine "Catch"..........
  16. Switch Rod Video
  17. Fishing Videos
  18. Dr. Ray Hilborn-Reinterpreting the Fisheries Crisis
  19. sacto fly fishing film tour tickets?
  20. Shoreline Surf & Estuary Casting & Presentation
  21. Switch Rod Video-Just Released
  22. Great Casting
  23. Jay Murakoshi's La Paz trip......
  24. New 'Fish Eye 4' DVD from Burl @ Kiene's
  25. 'Stripping For Stripers' by Dave Howard on DVD
  26. Test Video
  27. Film Footage
  28. Video
  29. Once in a Blue Moon
  30. opb show on celilo falls on the columbia
  31. In the Yucatan capturing video...
  32. Fly fishing, while swimming?!!
  33. TU on the Rise: Episode 8
  34. Then and Now, Whew!
  35. 'Skagit Master'
  36. "Once in a Blue Moon" on the MidCurrent blog
  37. Yellowstone video
  38. Baja Video
  39. I don't get it.
  40. Cletus, Take the Reel
  41. Rivers Of A Lost Coast
  42. This looks nice...
  43. Skagit Master
  44. New DVD movie "Rise" just came in.......
  45. New "Bass:The Movie"................
  46. "Rivers of a Lost Coast" in DVD is here @ Kiene's
  47. Punta Colorada
  48. A real short video
  49. "Above the American" Video - KVIE Ch 6 Sacramento
  50. Science, Politics and Salmon
  51. King's River Fishery-latest video
  52. Fish blimps are too cool......
  53. "Bass" the movie...
  54. Pirates of the Flats
  55. video laptop viewing
  56. Bill Dance bloopers....
  57. Flyfishing in sign language <LOL>
  58. New casting video by Joan Wulff
  59. SF bay diver hunt (YouTube)
  60. Metalhead Trailer
  61. METALHEAD: Fish Bum Vol. II....shipping 2/16
  62. Video's added
  63. Kiene's has the new DVD "Metalhead" in stock now
  64. Stripping for Stripers
  65. Elk Hair Caddis
  66. Rio Skagit MOW tips
  67. Once in a Blue Moon DVD
  68. Videos: Loco Sabalito of Isla Blanca and Migratory Tarpon of Tarpon Cay Lodge
  69. Miguel @ Ceralvo
  70. New "Pole Dancer" top water bug on YouTube...........
  71. and you thought jet skis were bad...
  72. Tarpon killing Mullet in the surf -
  73. Bluefish Massacre
  74. New Video's
  75. Ran into "VideoJug" online......
  76. 36 more days
  77. Video Demostration
  78. Fly Tying Videos
  79. I Want to Catch a Trout. Rated R
  80. Echo fly rods are very strong.......
  81. Sea Habit DVD
  82. If you get bored this winter you can come over......
  83. DVD with previews of the best 35 DVDs on fly fishing
  84. "Skagit Master 2" DVD is here @ Kiene's Fly Shop
  85. "River Runs Through It" actor dies @ 96 yrs
  86. Trailer for new DVD "Casts That Catch Fish".
  87. Video clip of fishing feeding at night in the lights
  88. "Feeding Time"
  89. Mmmmm
  90. Commando Tarpon fishing......
  91. The newest in high tech fly rods......
  92. Alpine bass fishing by Simms really cool
  93. Gary Borger video collection from the late 80's into the early 90's
  94. The Brown Trout and the Mayfly
  95. Flyfishing for Carp
  96. Giant Tuna....
  97. Jeff Putnam's new instructuional video clips
  98. This won't help you cabin fever
  99. Giant Tarpon off an outcast float tube
  100. Giant Mayfly on YouTube - the 'Hex'
  101. Tim Rajeff & Dec Hogan exchanging ideas...
  102. Fly Tying Yellowstone Hatches Volume II DVD
  103. non-fly fishing
  104. Interesting new carp technique?
  105. For the astronomy people out there
  106. Talking dog on YouTube......too much.
  107. Get your kids around......
  108. Fly-Fishing California's North Yuba River
  109. Article in Cal Fly Fisher about Joe Kimsey
  110. the American through Andy Guibords eye's
  111. Um...yes please.
  112. Spey Casting for Stripers?
  113. MacBook Pro Question
  114. Sierra Fisherman Magazine
  115. Surfing Geese
  116. 'Soulfish 2' DVD is in stock at Kiene's Fly Shop
  117. Youtube video in Sierras by Joe Melendres.
  118. Vimeo video clip by Scott Rod Company
  119. New 3-D Fly Fishing Video Footage
  120. Saving a whale in the Sea of Cortez.
  121. Nice video clip on tying the 'nail knot'.......
  122. New Carp Video
  123. The best flying fisherman?
  124. Jay Murakoshi's videos on his web site
  125. Why do we fly fish for Tarpon?
  126. Sierra Fisherman Fall '11 Issue
  127. Wading safety and tactics video
  128. Internet radio about fly fishing.......
  129. Stream maps of streams and rivers in CA
  130. A Backyard In Nowhere
  131. Non FF - owl coming in for kill
  132. Non FF -dogs and people
  133. New FF Video Website
  134. Do you have kids?
  135. Google Books on Nor Cal Streams by Chip O'Brien
  136. Jeff Putnam's "Products in Action" video webpage
  137. New video clips on the Sage web site
  138. How connected are Fly Fishing + Music?
  139. Educational/product information video clips.....
  140. Video clips from Winston Rods
  141. Hundreds of springs in Florida to see....
  142. Vid editing software for Go Pro?
  143. Flyfishing DVD sampler @ Kiene's.......
  144. New DVD - Musky Country: Zero 2 Hero
  145. Night of the Squid - NFF
  146. On Internet Radio today - the Henry's Fork
  147. 3 New Video Clips........
  149. salt walter flyfishing dvds
  150. First ALCAN hwy ride on motorcycles 1937
  151. Web site: "Bloodknot" = eMagazine
  152. Web Site Update
  153. ISE Video
  154. ISE Video
  155. Stan Bogdan
  156. Promo video clip on Alberta, Canada
  157. Heading "North" - Gopro footage
  158. GoPro Set Up
  159. Internet radio on the Truckee River ........
  160. Sierra Trout Guide III?
  161. Cali Rush, new Mikey Wier project
  162. NFF - Breaststroking eagle
  163. "Catch Magazine" online issue #22
  164. American River Parkway Video
  165. An Entirely Synthetic Fish
  166. "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" movie trailers
  167. New Videos Posted
  168. Manzanar Fishing Club - Documentary Movie
  169. Pike takes duck
  170. New Tarpon Clip
  171. Skagit Master 3 DVD is here @ Kiene's......
  172. Tenkara on Internet Radio soon......
  173. Ken Block in SF
  174. Trailer for "The River Why".......
  175. New DVD Release “Fly Fishing Techniques that Catch Trout”
  176. New Baja Video
  177. My book published
  178. The Science of Tarpon
  179. "Predator".........the Queenfish in Australia.
  180. Fall 2012 Sierra Fisherman issue on-line
  181. Fall 2012 Sierra Fisherman issue on-line
  182. I just cant keep her to myself any longer (NFF)
  183. Underwater with salmon up north...
  184. "Wild & Clear" video in MT back country.
  185. New Video's
  186. CA Delta video.......
  187. Legendary old time fly fisher Bill McGuire on video......
  188. California Fly Fisher article featuring Bill Keine
  189. Here's Video #2 "No Brainer" Crease Fly
  190. Cabela's Fly Fishing University
  191. Official trailer for new film...."Low & Clear"
  192. One more video
  193. My New Video
  194. Video....."Only the River Knows".
  195. "Shit fishermen say......."
  196. Next internet radio show about the Deschutes River in Oregon
  197. We just got in a big book and DVD order for Christmas
  198. "Geofish Mexico" trailer.................wild.
  199. Amazon
  200. Internet radio on Tailwater fisheries....
  201. Hal Janssen's new book on stillwater fly fishing @ Kiene's Fly Shop soon.
  202. non-ff. very cool full moon video
  203. nonff video - bridge over troubled water
  204. Fall Run video
  205. Internet radio on the fly fishing the Everglades
  206. N. Platte
  207. High Sierra Golden Trout on Internet Radio with Ralph Cutter
  208. New Website
  209. YouTube Changes....
  210. "Thrill on".........lots of good video clips.
  211. Famous Fly Fishers of the Greatest Generation......
  212. Bullfrogs a bit short of target
  213. New Delta Vid clip........
  214. great reads
  215. Surprise Fly fishing/ecology movie
  216. Internet Radio about Great Lakes Tribuary Steelheading
  217. Carp clip...................
  218. Listen to Internet Radio on Sea-Run Cutthroat Trout with Chester Allen
  219. Killer Whales......yikes.
  220. The New Fly Fisher Ezine
  221. A Deliberate Life....video.
  222. Andy Guibord - California Fly Fisher Magazine
  223. Top 10 SW fly fishing videos......
  224. "Where the Wild Fish Live"......Pitt River, BC
  225. "Italian Wilderness Fly Fishing" video clip...
  226. short video of GT attacking bait
  227. Monterey Surf Fishing
  228. Skagit Master IV
  229. Check out this video
  230. Poaching in CA.....
  231. brooks falls - brown bear & salmon cam
  232. Fly Fishing the Golen Isles on Internet radio........
  233. NFF But Amazing....
  234. NFF.. Monsoon season
  235. Wind map -non FF kinda
  236. Best steelhead book?
  237. New book: Life story of Gary Loomis
  238. Lots of celebrities fly fish............
  239. Delta Equation #3
  240. Phil Rowley on Chironomid Techniques on Internet Radio.....
  241. An entirely synthetic fish-Anders Halverson
  242. New Video on Vimeo.... Baja 2013
  243. New old movie on DVD - The Brook Trout of Minipi
  244. Video clips - Interview of Russell Chatham, writer,painter & flyfisher.......
  245. new book from Keith McCafferty coming soon
  246. 50 Best Tailwaters to Fly Fish by Terry & Wendy Gunn - book
  247. Southern California Steelhead? 'Against All Odds'........the enitre movie is here.
  248. Video
  249. Tracking Tailwaters - next show on Internet Radio with Terry Gunn
  250. Carp Feeding Vid...