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  1. New Sage VT2 rods are here
  2. We have the Nautilus fly reels in stock now
  3. Scott's new G2 rods are here too
  4. Echo 2 series fly rods are in stock now
  5. Redington SV fly reels are only $99
  6. Renzetti's new budget vise for 2006
  7. New limited edition Waterworks reels
  8. Orvis' new 'Zero Gravity' fly rods are here
  9. Like the new Forum.....
  10. Scott's new 'Lead core Special' is here
  11. Scientific Angler's new 'Custom Express Tip' fly line.
  12. Rio's new Leviathan 550 grain tropical floater
  13. Big game leaders on a spool from Cam Sigler Co.
  14. New TFO Bluewater rods are here too......
  15. TFO has new Terry Hayden big game fly reels now
  16. Clear lines
  17. New Ross Cimarron Large Arbor reels are here too
  18. New Rio "Outbound" series are in stock
  19. Korker wading boots with interchangeable soles.
  20. We have lots of fly rods in stock year round.
  21. Jeff Putnam's Spey Casting DVD Series
  22. "running changes".....................
  23. CNC machined high tech fishing pliers from 6061 T6 alloy
  24. Orvis lowered the price of there Battenkill reels
  25. nymphform body for unweighted stone fly tying
  26. Rio's new Anadromous Advantage multi-tipped line.
  27. 2006 Simms waders are in stock now @ Kiene's.
  28. Fishpond soft goods are worth looking at.
  29. Orvis TLS Power Matrix rods
  30. abel rods
  31. Truck and trailer and boat on trailer?
  32. New Loop Spey Reels
  33. Day-lite flip up
  34. New Frog Hair mono running line in stock now
  35. Redington is owned by Sage now so.............
  36. G.Loomis has new fly reels now
  37. SA/3M C&F Fly Boxes are hot!!!
  38. Hardy fly reels from England
  39. Loon Lochsa reels
  40. New Airflow NW Skagit heads are in now......
  41. Chota Wading Boots
  42. Dan Blanton's newly remodeled web pages.
  43. Lots of fly rods in stock year round...............
  44. Links to most all manufacturers web sites.
  45. Redington's Crosswater fly reels
  46. TFO's new Jim Teeny fly rod series.
  47. New TFO Lefty Kreh Finesse series of fly rods
  48. New TFO Terry Hayden salt water fly reels are here
  49. Kiene's is an Orvis affiliate Online store now
  50. Chota "Kick Boat Booties"
  51. New 8' - 4 piece Cam Sigler Blue Water fly rods
  52. New Orvis Dropper Rig fly box
  53. Getting stocked up for the Expo.
  54. New books & DVDs
  55. Top 12 sold in order - 9' #5 line 4 piece fly rods @ Kiene's
  56. Fishpond's new Coyote fly tying kit bag is in stock now
  57. Tiger chassis mount RV
  58. Gravel Creek has 5 knotless tapered leaders on a spool
  59. Big new Flytraks magnetic strip fly boxes are in stock
  60. We carry the new "Toobies" shot system for getting
  61. Pro Tyer??
  62. New 2007 Sage rods are here!!!!!!!!!!!
  63. New G.Loomis
  64. New Scott X2S Saltwater Series Fly Rods
  65. Orvis is upgrading its Superfine Rod series
  66. Pflueger 'Medalist' fly reel parts
  67. New Ross reel for 2007
  68. We added the Rio Density Compensating 7' sinktip
  69. New Sage Z-Axis rods......
  70. Too many new fly reels for 2007, seriously guys.
  71. A Passion for Steelhead by Dec Hogan is in.
  72. New Redington CDL fly reel.....
  73. New stock of Cordura covered Rod and Reel cases
  74. New Scott 'X2S' salt water/big game rod series
  75. New fly rod from Redington
  76. Hottest low end fly reel is a Ross 'Flystart'.
  77. Big shipment of Fish Pond products in today.....
  78. New Ross 'Pescador' heavy duty big game pliers are in
  79. TFO 7'6" #6 - 4 piece TiCrX is in now
  80. Die
  81. Tons of new Fishpond softgoods are in now
  82. Hogan Brown's and Chris King's Next Level Fly Fishing DVD
  83. Bob Clouser's new book on Smallmouth Bass is in now.
  84. New Scott "Back Country Special" 7'7" #9 - 3
  85. Welded loops on fly lines Jan 2007
  86. Our top selling reel for the past year is the Orvis.........
  87. TFO Ticrx.....
  88. Flash Cards
  89. Book by Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia Inc.
  90. We are dealers now for the "Hatch" fly reels
  91. We have the new Orvis Large Arbor Big Game Battenkill reels
  92. "Fly Fishing California" by Ken Hanley has arrived
  93. Click on 'PRODUCTS' on Kiene's top menu bar.
  94. New Hardy "Marksman" fly reels are @ Kiene's
  95. We have "tons" of fly lines here @ Kiene's Fly Sho
  96. We have a new multi-mix of powdered floatant now............
  97. The "New" Powell Fly Rods ?
  98. New non-toxic weights from "Boss Tin" @ Kiene's
  99. Some Scott 'ARC' rods are back in production now..........
  100. New Dubbing
  101. "Felt Soul Media" web site
  102. New Nautilus NV reels have arrived @ Kiene's
  103. TFO Deer Creek Series Spey Rods
  104. TFO - Midge reels
  105. Abel 3S
  106. New floatant & indicators from 'Angling Evolutions'.
  107. Guide to all fly fishing manufactures plus...........
  108. Hip Shooter Stripping Basket??
  109. New faster Winston Boron II-MA series for 2008
  110. New Product
  111. Mangrove 'Hip Shooter' stripping baskets are in stock.....
  112. Ralph Cutter's new DVD "Bugs of the Underworld".
  113. New "Location X" DVD is in stock at Kiene's
  114. New "Single Handed Spey Casting DVD"
  115. afds sdf
  116. Barr Flies
  117. New rods for 2008
  118. Sage new ZXL fly rods in stock now
  119. Single Handed Spey Casting DVD Released Today!
  120. New Simms G3 Guide boots are little heavy but..............
  121. Alpaca wool clothing from the Andes
  122. Tons of new products
  123. New Spey rods from Sage for 2008
  124. Kiene's will be a Beulah dealer soon.
  125. Redington RS4
  126. SA Sharkskin Lines
  127. We are Beulah dealers now
  128. New SA/Mastery 'Sharkskin' floating line
  129. We have the new Rio 'Gold' fly line in stock now
  130. Kiene's has Rio's new T-11 in stock now.
  131. We have the new Sage 'Performance Indicator' line in now.
  132. We have the new Sage 'Bass' fly rods in stock now.
  133. Simms new boot foot wader program for 2008
  134. The rod that beats the top of the line Sages
  135. Polarized sunglass survey for my fly shop.
  136. Scott S4?
  137. Gamakatsu Stripping Finger Protector
  138. New Simms waders are in.............
  139. Indicator Floatant
  140. New Orvis 'Helios' rod are at Kiene's......
  141. 'Tons' of new products for 2008!
  142. New TFO 'Axiom'fly rods are in stock now.......
  143. Rio Custom-cut Outbound integrated lines.........
  144. line cleaner?
  145. Buff head wear/sunprotection is hot!
  146. Scierra fly reels?
  147. Adobe Photoshop CS3
  148. Orvis knotless leader and tippet system
  149. Dec Hogan's new Steelhead fly tying DVDs
  150. Sprint wireless broadband Internet connection
  151. New Spey Casting Instruction DVD's and Formats
  152. New GPS tracking devise?
  153. When you thought you have seen it all
  154. New 'Advanced Spey' DVD by John Hazel
  155. New shallow water outboard motor.............
  156. Affordable Rio 'Mainstream' lines.
  157. Thingamabobber
  158. New pumps for float tubes and pontoon boats
  159. 'Tube Fly' fly tying products @ Kiene's
  160. Cortland Line Company finally gets welded loops
  161. TFO 7'6" # 6 - any feedback ?
  162. GPS for cars, hiking and boats.
  163. New SA/Mastery 'Sharkskin'..........................
  164. Mayan Warrior now available.............
  165. Toray Blackwater International Flourocarbon - Word's Out
  166. Orvis Helios fly rods...................
  167. 'Stripee' finger protectors from Alpine Inovations
  168. New Fly Fishing DVD Trailer
  169. Magnum Sharkskin...
  170. New TFO Switch rods............
  171. Patenting Ideas (releasable strike indicator)
  172. Simms Dry Creek Backpack
  173. 'Outfitter' pop-up campers from CO
  174. Favorite breathable raincoat for wading?
  175. Cocoons Sunglasses
  176. Mitch's bobbin whirler
  177. 'Fly Tackle Dealer Show' in Denver, CO
  178. Fly Tackle Dealer Show in Denver, CO Sept 2008
  179. Tippet Rings?
  180. New Beginning Fly Fishing DVD Released!
  181. New Simms Vibram-soled boots release date?
  182. Denver Fly Tackle Dealer report........
  183. Scott Rods has new web site
  184. New 2009 Hardy USA - fly reels coming soon..........
  185. Abel reel rumor
  186. New 2009 Sage TCX rods coming next week
  187. New 2009 Redington 'Predator' series of fly rods
  188. Big shipment of books & DVDs for Christmas
  189. New Lippa4Life Special Blend for 2009
  190. New Sage fly rods for 2009 are in stock.....
  191. uplining new lines
  192. Clear fly lines for Steelhead
  193. SA Dragontail running line
  194. Simms Quality Control Issues
  195. Guide Bill Carnazzo's leader system.......
  196. Sage Flight Series
  197. 'How to Design Flylines' by Al Buhr
  198. Orvis 'Clear-Side Dry Bag'
  199. Airflo Compact Scandi Heads
  200. New Rio Skagit Short lines
  201. Lamson "Guru" Reels - New for 2009
  202. Winston Rods
  203. Ross new FlyStiks for Bass etc.
  204. New Rio T-17 level tungsten line in stock now
  205. Kern Rvier DVD #2
  206. Teton flyreels making a comeback ???
  207. Umpqua "Power Taper" knotless tapered leader
  208. New Rio Outbound Shorts........
  209. Rod management gizmo
  210. New Abel Graphic
  211. Free Battenkill fly reel with Helios purchase
  212. Free Battenkill fly reel with Helios purchase
  213. Vibram boots
  214. Clear Amnesia mono now too...........
  215. Super Cat Pontoon
  216. Quick Review of Kwik-Tek Airhead Inflatable Kayak
  217. New Simms Vibram sole boots
  218. New TFO Bob Clouser fly rods
  219. Cortland's new clear tropical floater....
  220. New TFO MiniMag and Bug Launcher
  221. New Cortland lines
  222. New Echo "Solo" series is a bargain.
  223. New Hareline "Wiggle Dubbing" ?
  224. New fly fisher?
  225. Hardy Zane Ti fly reel is at Kiene's now
  226. TFO TiCrX
  227. "The Flyfish Journal" is new.
  228. Rio's new Distance Fly Line
  229. Rio Indicator Line
  230. Canon Powershot D 10
  231. "Rivers Of A Lost Coast" DVD is in stock now
  232. New Ross "Evolution LT" is in stock @ Kiene's
  233. New movie "Rise" is in stock @ Kiene's
  234. Any reviews of this new fly tying scissors?
  235. Beulah Surf Rod
  236. We ship Gift Certificates anywhere in the USA....
  237. We have new Hardy fly reels in lots of models.
  238. K-Pumps are the best pumps................
  239. New book Fly Fishing The California Delta by Mike Costello
  240. New I-Phone and I-Touch Apps for fishing
  241. RIO Introduces "Sweet Spot" Coloring, More Welded Loops
  242. "Modern Midges" by Rick Takahashi
  243. Take a look at the new M-CLIP by Abel
  244. Loon's new 'Shark Tooth' tippet cutter
  245. Scott G rods
  246. New Boat Suggestions?
  247. New Silicone Rescue Taper sounds good
  248. New things with fly lines for 2010
  249. My latest muse and new TFO rod
  250. Orvis' new Mirage big game fly reel is instock @ Kiene's